Spa Bulb Replacement

15 août 2011

Spa Bulb Replacement - Turn off the power. - Remove the access door to the equipment compartment. - Identify the back of the spa light. - To remove the bulb, turn the housing counter-clockwise and remove the bulb from its socket. - Put a new bulb in place by re ...

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Maintenance of the Spa Shell

11 août 2011

Maintenance of the Spa Shell Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners to clean the spa. Mild detergent and water are sufficient to solve cleaning problems. CAUTION: Never spray the panel with an electronic hose. This could cause a short circuit in the electrica ...

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Pool Backwash

10 août 2011

Pool Backwash When? When the gauge of the filter exceeds 5 lbs of pressure, the normal pressure is around 20, once per week, after vacuuming. Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. How? a) Stop the pump b) Put the filter set to "Backwash" c) Start the pump 2 ...

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Filter Cartridge Maintenance - SPA

09 août 2011

Maintenance of the spa filter cartridge Remove the filter cartridge and ensure that no object falls into the cavity of the filter. They can cause obstructions to the movement of water. Every two weeks, the filter cartridge must be cleaned to remove the objec ...

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Maintenance of the Spa Cover

08 août 2011

Maintenance of the spa cover Always keep the cover free of dirt. Clean the surface with a cover cleaner or a soft and warm soapy water. Do not use silicone-based products because they dry up and it could possibly crack the vinyl. BEWARE : Never stand on the cov ...

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Steam Bathing Instructions

05 août 2011

Steam Bathing Instructions Start by taking a warm shower. Enter the steam room and let yourself be surprised by the intensity of heat. Sit comfortably on a chair or bench. The steam rooms are equipped with benches at different heights so that can find your ide ...

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Spa Foundation

04 août 2011

Spa Foundation The new spa needs a good foundation. The surface on which the spa must be capable of supporting the spa must support the weight of the water in it and those who occupy it. If the foundation is inadequate, it can move or collapse while the spa is ...

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Choosing a location for your spa

03 août 2011

Consider the following when choosing a location for a spa SAFETY FIRST: Do not place your spa within 3 m (10 ft) of overhead power lines. Ensure that the new spa is positioned to gain access to the equipment compartment and that the side panels are not blocked. ...

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Recommendations - Pool and spa

02 août 2011

Recommendations - Pool and spa Open your pool as soon as possible (late April early May), after the ice has melted. Close your pool as late as possible (late October). Maintain your ideal chemical water to enjoy your pool without worry and without inconvenie ...

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Safety - Swimming

01 août 2011

Safety - Swimming General: -Every swimming, completely remove the solar blanket to prevent a swimmer gets stuck under it -Do not swim if there is thunder or lightning storms -Keep a buoyant aid and a pole near the pool -Never dive into an above ground pool -Nev ...

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Water Quality Tests

29 juillet 2011

Water Quality Tests Verify the water quality with indicator strips or drops. Follow directions given on the box. Test for free chlorine, combined and total. Also test pH at each maintenance. Do an alkanity test once per week. Test for calcium hardness once a ...

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Precautions for a swimming pool equipped with a salt system

27 juillet 2011

Precautions for a swimming pool equipped with a salt system Be sure that all the equipment (pump, salt system, water heater) are on the ground Check the salt level displayed on the controller twice a week, never go below 2600 ppm and never exceed 3500 ppm Chec ...

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What to do after the opening of the pool

25 juillet 2011

What to do after a bronze package opening ? Let the filtration do his work for 24 hours Do a backwash Remove most of the leaves in the bottom of the pool using one draws Add powdered chlorine and algaecide to water in the evening Let the filtration do his work ...

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Concrete In-Ground Pool : White Deposit

21 juillet 2011

Pools and Spas POSEIDON can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations  effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive are tr ...

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Spa chemical products list

19 juillet 2011

Spa chemical products list Oxy 35 Granular chlorine, non-stabilized lithium hypochlorite with a free chlorine of 35%. Dissolves quickly and easily, cloudy water. Spara Tab Shelf dichloro 20 gr. Chlorine Content 56%. Brome Tab Bromine tablets of 20 gr. ...

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