How to close the filter during your pool closing

05 March 2015

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How to achieve the closure of the sand filter when closing the pool?

Here's how to achieve the closure of the sand filter when closing the pool. You can perform the winterizing with the following steps. It can be done at any moment of the closure of the pool. You must first remove the cap on the filter. Be careful not to get sand in the filter. If the sand tends to come out of the filter, then the filter inside the sand filter is moved. Ideally, you would empty the sand thoroughly and replace or change it. If your sand has more than 4 years. It would be a good time to replace the sand in the filter.

Then, remove the manometer. Slowly unscrew the gauge counterclockwise.

Then, remove the eye glass with the gasket at the bottom if possible. This eye glass is at the output of the filter in the direction of the water discharging in the pool.

Finally, it will put the filter in position winterize or between two positions. This way, the water from the head of the filter can escape.

If your filter is inside the house or is located in a heated area, it would be good to only purge water from the filter by removing the cap. The remaining water in the filter during the winter will smell bad. Consequently, if the water remains in the filter, the sand may be contaminated.

The sand filter closing is another key part when you are closing your pool.

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