How to drain water during your spa closing

05 March 2015

How to drain water during your spa closing?


When closing your spa or throughout the season, there are several possible ways to empty your spa. When use normally (3 times a week for 15 minutes), it is recommended to drain the spa about 4 times a year.


The three most popular ways to drain your spa are:

- With the spa drain valve by gravity: For this technique, we turned off the breaker to the spa, you plug the hose to the drain valve andopening the valve. The drainage time is approximately 4 hours. Water is partially emptied and left under suction and the benches.

- With a submersible pump: With this tool, we turned off the breaker to the spa, we drive the drain pipe of the submersible pump, the pump is installed in the deepest part of the spa and the pump is plugged into an electrical outlet . Once emptied the pump can beonline in the pews of the spa. The drain time the spa is about 10 minutes. The water is almost completely empty. This is the quickest way to drain performance and the spa.

- With a Quick Drain: With this tool, we turned off the breaker to the spa, we drive the drain of Quick Drain, tip is installed in the deepest part of the spa and stirred the Quick Drain for that it is activated. Can be online end to the places remaining water to the end of the drain. Quickly and especially without electricity for draining your spa.

Do not forget, trust your pool Poseidon to close your spa or a seasonal drainage.

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