How to close a spa

05 March 2015

Spa closing, spa winterizing

It is important and essential to achieve a good closing spa to preserve its life and avoid breakage in filtration, leakage and bell in the shell. You should never stop the pump before closing, but it is possible to reduce the water heater thermostat to a minimum. If you decide to close your spa, breakage caused by the winter will not be guaranteed.

-Remove, clean and store the filter cartridge
-Remove and store the accessories in the spa (baskets), floats, bromine dispenser
-Drain the spa

1. Stop the spa breaker

2. Remove the spa cover

3. Install the hose valve to drain to the street

4. Open the drain valve

5. Once drained, remove excess water remaining with soft cups and napkins

6. Open the panel under the electronics control

7. Disconnect and store inside the pump, blower, ozonator, light and anything else connected to the electrical panel

8. Unscrew the connecting joints of the pipe

9. Remove and store all jets

10. Using a blower or vacuum type "shop vac" blow in all lines, making sure that there is no more water in jets. A good way to do this is to plug with rubber plugs the jets leaving only one open.

11. Blow air into every hole of air from the blower, if applicable

11. Wipe with a towel the water discharged from these holes, if appropriate

11. Add antifreeze to spa in the pipes from the inside of the spa

12. Pour antifreeze into the holes from the blower, if applicable

13. Remove the remaining water with of a soft plastic container

14. Dry the rest of the water with a towel

15. Close the access panel

16. Insert into the spa a block foam core at the height of the lid

17. Install the spa cover on the foam block, ensuring that it is properly seated and centered

18. Installing a vinyl sheet or protective cover over everything to protect the exterior of the spa of snow and gales

19. Store chemicals in a dry and heated place so that they are usable next year

If you let your spa run during the winter:

Here are some additional information
Make a clear a passage to get safely to the spa
Remove the snow on the spa cover
Perform the same tasks for the the summer except for adding sanitizer, this addition should be reduced if you use less your spa
When you want to drain your spa, do not drain about 6 to 12 inches at a time with a submersible pump to fill and start the pump quickly
Regularly check your spa to be sure that the pumps and the water heater is on
Maintain a minimum temperature of 30 C (85 F)
If you run out of electricity, do not open the spa cover to keep warm. He can stay three or four days without electricity before freezing.


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