Positioning and delivery of the spa

05 March 2015


Compare the size of the spa to the width of gates, sidewalks and gates along the delivery path followed to bring the spa in the garden. It may be necessary to remove a gate or a gate or partially withdraw a fence to ensure unimpeded passage to the installation location. Do not forget that in the case of using special equipment to position the spa, it will be necessary to include these measures and weight.


Check the width of gates, doors and sidewalks to make sure the spa pass unhindered. It may be necessary to remove a gate or a portion of fence to leave enough room for visitors. If the path of delivery requires a shift of 90 degrees, check the measurements of the turn to ensure that the spa can pass. Find articles that may exceed the home such as gas meters, water meters, air conditioners, etc.., Which can impede the passage of the spa when it is delivered. Identify the eaves, the lower branches and gutters that can block the passage height.


The use of a crane for delivery and installation is essentially to prevent damage to the spa, property and injury to the delivery personnel. The merchant may be able to help make arrangements. The cranes are not considered part of the process of "normal delivery" and must be a special request.

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