How to close the filter during your pool closing

05 March 2015

Pools and Spas POSEIDON, to know everything about pool closing! How to achieve the closure of the sand filter when closing the pool? Here's how to achieve the closure of the sand filter when closing the pool. You can perform the winterizing with the f ...

Filter gauge reads '0'

05 March 2015

Filter gauge reads '0' • Check the pump impeller and remove debris if necessary with tongs. • Check the skimmer and remove debris in the basket. • Check the water inlet valves (main drain and skimmer), it has to be open. &bull ...

Cleaning the spa filter cartridge

05 March 2015

Cleaning the spa filter cartridge Turn off the spa and then follow the instructions below: - Press slightly and turn filter basket in the opposite direction from clockwise to unlock, then pull the cart and the seat of the cartridge. - Carefully unscrew ...

Filter leaking

05 March 2015

Pools and Spas Poseidon can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive are tre ...

How to winterize the Hayward sand filter

05 March 2015

How to winterize a Hayward sand filter during the pool closing Here is how to winterize a Hayward sand filter  during the pool closing by the manufacturer recommandations : Completely drain tank by unscrewing drain cap at base of filter tank. ...

Filtration - Backwash

05 March 2015

When? We should do a backwash once a week, after vacuuming and when the filter gauge exceeds 5 pounds of pressure at its normal operating pressure (around 20). Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. ...

Filter cleaning

05 March 2015

How to clean your filter? Poolandspa.com realised a video of about 20 minutes explaining precisely how to clean your filter. The cleanup is realised with a chemical product applied on a D.E. filter. All the steps are taken. ...


05 March 2015

Sand filter Price: Between $200 and $600; Sand: between $50 and $150. Pros: Biggest seller in Quebec, therefore product and parts are very accessible. User-friendly.&nb ...

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