How to fix white, cloudy or troubled water

25 July 2012

Here we are in the middle of the season, period where water problems are common. These problems are resilient and fairly hard to get rid of. Nevertheless, here are a couple tips that you may or may not have thought of. Water chemistry Starting point for anythin ...

When to drain the spa ?

05 June 2012

When do you have to drain the spa ? You have to drain the spa when it has a high level (> 3 000 ppm) of TDS (total dissolved solids) or combined to a high level of chlorine. Here is the formula : (Number of gallons / 3) / (Number of swimmers / 24 h) = days o ...

Pool Algae

31 May 2012

Algae are microorganisms that produce organic substances from what is found in nature and in the water in your pool. Transported by wind and dust, spores of these algae are found in your pool water, even those covered. Whatever the type of algae, it multiplies ...

Draining the Spa

16 August 2011

Draining the Spa Every three to six months, depending on the condition of the water, it may be necessary to renew the water. To prevent damage to the components of the spa, turn off the breaker before draining the spa. Do not turn it back on before the spa is f ...

Pool Backwash

10 August 2011

Pool Backwash When? When the gauge of the filter exceeds 5 lbs of pressure, the normal pressure is around 20, once per week, after vacuuming. Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. How? a) Stop the pump b) Put the filter set to "Backwash" c) Start the pump 2 ...

Water Quality Tests

29 July 2011

Water Quality Tests Verify the water quality with indicator strips or drops. Follow directions given on the box. Test for free chlorine, combined and total. Also test pH at each maintenance. Do an alkanity test once per week. Test for calcium hardness once a ...

Concrete In-Ground Pool : White Deposit

21 July 2011

Pools and Spas POSEIDON can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations  effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive are tr ...

Spa chemical products list

19 July 2011

Spa chemical products list Oxy 35 Granular chlorine, non-stabilized lithium hypochlorite with a free chlorine of 35%. Dissolves quickly and easily, cloudy water. Spara Tab Shelf dichloro 20 gr. Chlorine Content 56%. Brome Tab Bromine tablets of 20 gr. ...

Pool chemical produts list

15 July 2011

Chemical products for the pool Granular chlorine 70% Granules of calcium hypochlorite for chlorination 70%. Economical source of unstabilized chlorine. Pellets 3'' - 200 gr. Chlorine tablets stabilized highly concentrated 200-gr. slow dissolving, a rate ...

Water Issues

30 May 2011

Water loss Check the vinyl liner for imperfections or any signs of wear. If necessary, patch a vinyl. Look for tears or separations around all fittings, skimmer, returns, cleaner line etc... Check the inside of the skimmer for any trace of perforation. Check  ...


26 April 2011

Bromine Sanitizer that has a low odour and is suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, but is more commonly used for spas as it is heavier and evaporates less. Effects on pH: Small declination. pH: 4,5. Appearance: 2-part liquid system or sticks. Pros: ...


26 April 2011

Sand filter Price: Between $200 and $600; Sand: between $50 and $150. Pros: Biggest seller in Quebec, therefore product and parts are very accessible. User-friendly.  Provide adequate filtration. Easy to clean. Cons: Very heavy and take up space. Filtration pr ...

Filtration - Backwash

26 April 2011

When? We should do a backwash once a week, after vacuuming and when the filter gauge exceeds 5 pounds of pressure at its normal operating pressure (around 20). Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. How? Turn off pump Put filter handle to the "Backwash" posi ...

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