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https://www.psposeidon.com/produits/detail/produits-chimiques/100Our specially trained technicians will be able to advise you what chemicals you need tor the maintenance of your pool.  We have specifically set up a client counter to welcome your and respond to your needs.  We have a wide range of chemicals at very competitive prices.



  • Liquid chlorine (5L or 20L)
  • Tablet form chlorine
  • Granular chlorine
  • Lithium
  • Bromine
  • Shock Treatment
  • pH-
  • pH+
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness
  • Algaecide
  • Oxidant (chlorine free shock treatment)
  • Anti-phosphate
  • Anti-metal
  • Salt
  • Filter cleaner
  • Vinyl cleaner
  • Cartridge cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Stain remover
  • Muriatic acid
  • Odourless muriatic acid
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