Combined UV and Ozone System
  • Combined UV and Ozone System
  • Combined UV and Ozone System
  • Combined UV and Ozone System

Combined UV and Ozone System

Piscines et Spas POSEIDON is proud to offer you Viqua’s UV and ozone technology united in a single system.  This combined system allows a great reduction in the time set aside for pool maintenance and obtains clean and safe water.  By combining the power or ozone and UV, the water of the pool or spa is ensured to be of an exceptional quality and clarity without using a salt system.


The system uses the pressure generated by the pump of the water treatment system.  The water is first filtered and then it passes into the UV and ozone system.  The UV system, with 254 technology, kills bacteria by destroying their genetic material and chloramines which create a lot of discomfort while bathing.  In this way, odours are eliminated.  The ozone system adds O3 which oxidizes particles in the water and further increases the chemical quality of the water.  This system allows you to save up to 80% on the consumption of chemicals.


Easy to use, once the system is installed and calibrated, there are no more daily manipulations.  Only an annual maintenance is necessary.


Available in many sizes and models depending on the demand for sanitizing the basin and the volume of water.  The system comes completely assembled and is installed close to the filtration system.




  • Greatly reduces consumption of chemicals, therefore you economize on purchasing chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance time for the pool.  The water stays in good condition with less effort
  • Impeccable, odourless water at all times with no irritation for bathers
  • Remarkable comfort during bathing
  • Ideal indoor or outdoor pools



  • High performance system for commercial establishments
  • Eco-friendly product that does not use salt and reduces the use of many chemicals for pools or spas
  • Increases pH stability
  • Canadian technology
  • 7 year warranty
  • Tested in summer and winter conditions
  • 120V
  •  1 ½’’ or 2’’ port size
  • Tested under pressure
  • Installed in many aquatic centres, hotels, condos, and municipal pools
  • Digital screen and alert sound indicate need to replace the UV lamp or other issues
  • Does not affect pressure in existing system