EDC equioment debris canister
  • EDC equioment debris canister
  • EDC equioment debris canister

EDC equioment debris canister

The high capacity Equipment Debris Canister (EDC) is designed to capture more debris, reduce cleaning time and enhance the overall aesthetics of your pool design. Easily installed on the equipment pad of new or existing pools the EDC captures debris before the pool pump to keep it running unencumbered and efficiently.

The EDC is a highly effective, efficient, easy to install equipment side debris canister for all pools. It’s plumbed before the circulation pump to trap debris from spa, skimmer and main drain lines before it reaches the pump and filter. The basket holds up to 68% more debris than any other equipment side canister, and utilizing the included fine mesh bag filters out even smaller debris. Its high efficiency design ensures maximum water flow with minimal restriction.

The EDC is even more effective with Paramount’s in-floor cleaning and circulation system. Debris is swept into Paramount’s MDX-R3 debris drain by powerful jets of water where it is transported to the high capacity EDC for easy removal. 

  • Large basket of debris
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Made of thermo plastic that makes it durable


  • EDC bottle
  • Clear bayonet lid
  • Plastic debris basket
  • Fine mesh bag

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