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Roto spa



Piscines et Spas POSEIDON offers a spa made in Canada, the ROTO spa.  It features an ultra-resistant high density polymer resin shell, unequalled ease of maintenance, and is easy to use.  Available in six colours, fully insulated and with a practical shape, the ROTO spa will delight you and give you moments of relaxation and quiet in your backyard.  In addition, with its large circular area to rest your feet, its shape provides enjoyment and closeness, without a doubt this spa will be a wonderful time for the whole family.  Easy to move and can be connected to 110 or 220V, the Roto Spa is a very pleasant and convenient spa.




  • An electronic controller that allows easy adjustment of the pump, the temperature and the lights.  It can be used at 110/220 volts.
  • 20 strategically positioned jets to maximize hydrotherapy and relaxation
  • One interior LED and 4 exterior lights to enhance your evenings
  • Easy direct access to the filter cartridge for quick and worry-free cleaning
  • The spa can accommodate 6 people
  • A hydrotherapy seat without jets before the spa exit
  • An ultra-rigid polymer shell for easy maintenance and preserving its lifespan.
  • Installation in 4 easy steps:
    • Place your spa on a level surface
    • Fill your spa
    • For increased protection, plug into a 110V standard outlet with a GFCI switch. 
    • Enjoy your spa
  • 7 drink holders
  • Spa cover more resistant than most
  • 50 sq ft filtration cartridge for well filtered water
  • A 2 speed, 1.5 HP pump
  • Fully insulated tank for lower heating costs
  • Dimensions: 78” diameter x 33” height
  • Empty weight 275 lbs
  • Full weight 3100 lbs
  • A choice of 6 colours
  • 10 year warranty on the shell and 2 year warranty on parts and accessories


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