Security Pool Cover
  • Security Pool Cover
  • Security Pool Cover
  • Security Pool Cover

Security Pool Cover


Piscines et Spas POSEIDON offers high performance security pool covers.  The pool cover lets water pass but not UV radiation.  The cover is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the pool.  It is attached to the ground by anchors and springs.  The cover is tight so that the wind blows away dirt and debris.  As a result it is secure enough for any adult or child to walk on the surface.  The water under the cover stays intact.  If the water in the pool was of good quality before the cover was installed, it will stay that way after a few months of winter.  We can give you an estimate using the largest dimensions of length and width of your pool.  After, we come and measure your pool precisely and finally we install the cover.



  • Made to measure
  • Anchors and springs in stainless steel
  • Made of light materials for easy and fast installation
  • Anchors well hidden in the ground
  • 10 year warranty



  • 100% restricts access to the pool
  • Ideal winter pool cover, water under the cover stays intact.
  • Can be used as a winter pool cover or for protection during a prolonged absence.
  • Reduces start up costs in the spring
  • Adds style to your yard



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