Silensor Nirvana Pump
  • Silensor Nirvana Pump

Silensor Nirvana Pump

The Silensor pump by Nirvana is one of a kind. It is the quietest pump on the market and it heats your pool water while it runs.  When the pump is running, the motor is cooled by the water being pumped through it, and that allows it to heat the water with a power of 1 kW.  Consequently, the water absorbs the heat and the noise of the motor.  It can replace the majority of in-ground pool pumps on the market.  In addition, its large strainer allows it to collect a great quantity of leaves in the pump.  This is definitely the quietest pump which also gives a bit of free hot water to the pool.



  • Unique patented technology which heats water 1 kW while running
  • Water cooled motor
  • Special O-ring technology for better resistance and performance
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2” connectors
  • Large 4.5 L strainer that is ultra-efficient
  • Transparent cover
  • Robust design in high-density plastic
  • Self-priming



  • Free hot water
  • Extremely quite
  • Durable
  • Can collect a lot of debris in the strainer
  • Exterior of pump corrosion-proof
  • Energy efficient


Available model:


Model #



Electrical Connection


Water Heating


1.6 HP



1 speed

1 kW