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Spa cover

Piscines et Spas POSEIDON, in partnership with CUSTOMSPACOVER.COM, offers you unique spa covers to protect your spa from bad weather conditions and to allow you to save money on heating and maintenance costs.  In addition, the spa covers are designed to resist extreme Canadian cold weather and the weight of snow.  Solid and robust construction makes them perfect as replacement covers for your spa.


2 methods to order your spa cover now:

  1. Order your spa cover on line at the following address: www.customspacover.com
    You will receive your spa cover in your yard in 15 working days!
  2. Call us! 1-888-514-7727


*The price of made to measure covers starts at 295$ + tax and delivery is free.
*If you are not sure of your measurements or you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have the dimensions for the majority of spa brands. 


Available Models:













1.5 lbs

1.5 lbs

1.5 lbs

1.5 lbs

R Value





Vapour barrier lining

2 mill

6 mill

6 mill

8 mill

Aluminium frame

20 caliber

20 caliber

20 caliber

20 caliber

Inside liner




Energy shield


25 oz

25 oz

25 oz

25 oz

Inside folding

Rubber section flanked by two pads

Rubber section flanked by two pads

Rubber section flanked by two pads and vinyl overlap

Full steam stopper and vinyl overlap

Lifter protection

Double stitch

Double stitch

Double stitch

Vinyl flap on top


2 outside

2 outside

4 outside

4 outside and 2 inside






Straps stitching


Strap stitch all the way

Strap stitch all the way

Strap stitch all the way





Premium quality marine vinyl

With a choice of 20 colors and a thickness of 25 ounces, we use a marine vinyl that is robust and resistant to harsh weather conditions and tears, even those caused by the cold of winter. The material is impregnated with UV and mildew inhibitors as well as an antibacterial treatment.

Close-fitting, extra-wide perimeter apron

The perimeter apron is designed to seal in heat, prevent water evaporation and protect the acrylic border of the spa. The standard length is 2 inches with the option of longer lengths available.

Aluminum frame

The central layers of polystyrene are reinforced across the width by a 20 caliber aluminium “C” frame. It protects against the cover caving in under heavy loads of snow.

Mesh ultra-resistant weave

The interior grey ‘’Mesh’’ of the cover is designed to resist damage from chemical products and to protect the interior polystyrene from perforation and wear and tear.


Durable clips

4 Double point clips available in 4 thicknesses of reinforced vinyl insure an increased strength and a greater stability when attached. The straps are stitched all the way on the skirt to assure longevity on the final product. Moreover, they are attached with a plastic buckle which contains a key lock for greater safety and conforms to local bylaws.


Ultra-strong reinforced handles

4 Handles are placed at the edges of the cover for easy lifting and removal. They are strategically reinforced at points of high stress in order to avoid tears.


High density conical surface polystyrene layer

This 5’’x4’’ taper cover is designed to ensure water rolls off of the spa cover as well as protecting it against damage from harsh weather conditions. Consequently, with his density of 1.5 lbs, the foam acts as an insulation layer in the cover and retains heat in the interior of the spa.


Ultra thick vapour barrier lining

A 6 mm thick polyethylene plastic lining for the polystyrene core is tight fitting with an airtight seal, and is resistant to chemical products. It serves to inhibit water infiltration and moisture accumulation inside the cover.

Reinforced fold

The middle of the cover is reinforced by a central rubber section flanked by two pads, which allows heat to be retained in the interior of the spa and minimizes evaporation.

Precise stitching

The cover design includes the use of high quality weather resistant thread and precise stitching which results in a sturdy and elegant product.

Weep hole

On the interior side of the cover, these well finished holes allow evaporation water from the spa to drain.

Commercial quality nylon zipper

An anti-rust and anti-corrosion zipper opens easily to allow removal of the central polystyrene layer.


Quality control

Each step, each thread, and each stitch is subject to a double inspection in order to assure an exceptional quality finished product.


ASTM F-1346 Standard

All covers comply with the standards of the ASTM security manual.


Custom made cover

Our experienced manufacturers create custom made spa covers that conform in all ways to your specifications for size and style. With a margin of error of less than 0.5” on any measurement, the cover is made with great precision. The covers can be used for new or old spas.


Durable construction

With regular care and maintenance, your hot tub cover can last for years. Each cover comes with instructions on proper maintenance in order to extend the useful life of your product.

The illustrated colors are a reasonable approximation of the available colors of vinyl, however, they can look different in daylight compared to artificial light. They can always be subject to discoloration due to exposure to UV light.


Eco-friendly product

The cover uses "CFC-free foam". The foam manufacturing process uses steam rather than ozone-depleting Freon agents thus protecting the ozone layer.



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