Spa UV system by Delta UV
  • Spa UV system by Delta UV

Spa UV system by Delta UV



Engineered and designed specifically to reduce spa maintenance, Delta UV spa systems offer a comfortable and safer spa experience - silky smooth, odorless and salt free.

Adding a Delta UV sanitizer to your facilities will provide 99.9% contaminant-free water while reducing the use of chemicals. Delta UV units deactivate bacteria, germs, viruses, algae and other chlorine or bromine-resistant parasites.

Delta UV systems use UV-C radiation to completely purify the spa water and in this way eliminate all the dangerous microorganisms.  The result is clear and pure water.  You must keep the filtration system in place and add this new unit after the heater.  The water is treated when it circulates in the Delta UV system.  In this way, you need to use only a small quantity of chemicals to treat the rest of the water in a complete spa sanitization system.

For a cleaner, healthier, and eco-friendly spa.



  • Dramatically reduce costs associated with chemicals
  • Destroys chlorine and bromine resistant microorganisms
  • Minimal long term cost (Useful life of lamp: 3 years)
  • 2 year warranty (1 year warranty on UV lamp)



  • No chlorine smell
  • No more red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair
  • Easier spa maintenance
  • Prolongs spa lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all types of spas
  • Avoid using salt



Available model:


Model #

Maximum Water Volume

Electrical Connection

Maximum Water Output

Wattage of Bulb




1 800 L


20 GPM

45 W



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