Waterco Fulflo Cartridge Filter
  • Waterco Fulflo Cartridge Filter

Waterco Fulflo Cartridge Filter

The Waterco Fulflo Cartridge Filter is the most efficient form of domestic pool filtration available, ensuring optimum clarity. They are designed to effectively filter suspended solids in your pool. The filter contains three individual pleated filter cartridges, which optimizes its dirt holding capacity and minimizes filter maintenance, resulting in significant water savings. The cleaning of the filter is done simply making the maintenance easy.

Material: Polyester fabric, Plastisol vinyl tips and
a polypropylene core

Maintenance :

The reservoir incorporates an easy-to-use forceps that does not require any
additional tools for simple removal and replacement of cartridges,
allowing quick access to the filter cartridge without disturbing
piping and connections.

Operating temperature: 4 ° C to 50 ° C


300 square feet; w-2165300
400 feet2, w-2165400
500 feet2, w-2165500

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