Denise Bernouis Comtois September 2015

Denise Bernouis Comtois

We are very satisfied with the service we received and we strongly recommend POSEIDON. Everything was perfectly done on budget and on time. The employees were very courteous and knowledgeable; every time they terminated their day of work, they left the place clean.

André Gamache May 2015

André Gamache

First: Poseidon's representant was very helpfull in the decision process to modernize our concrete swiming pool, aged over 30 years. Plus, he was alaway on time and exceptionaly respectfull with his engagements;
Second: the working team replaced the water draining system by a dual one, much more efficient, installed (glued) an undercarpet all over the the walls and the floor before the installation of the vinyl liner (very confortable), they also instaled a rail system in the stair (under the carpet and the liner) to stabilized the vinyl liner in the steps, finaly they changed the lighthing system.
third: finally they clean everything and provided us with with a 25 years guarantee for the liner!
A professional jobs! Highly recommended...

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