Pool paint

Poseidon rejuvenates your pool this summer

Change its look with a little paint!

Pools and Spas Poseidon
advantage and expertise

Wide range of colors

Whether they are rubber, acrylic or epoxy based, our paints offer a wide choice of surface and accent colors for the aesthetics of your pool. Discover them!

1-year warranty on paint

Our swimming pool paints are waterproof and elastic, which improves their durability. They do not tarnish or peel. We even offer you a one-year warranty on paint.

Trained specialist technicians

Our pool paints are applied by pool professionals who are trained to maximize the durability of your pool paint.

An expertise and know-how
for a successful application

Our team of experts will advise you on the most appropriate paint for your pool and apply it in order to offer you the best durability and aesthetics all year long.

1. If you want to give a coat of paint to an old paint, you will have to use the same kind of paint. Otherwise, it may not adhere to the layer below. If you do not know the type of paint, we recommend opting for the most versatile paint, which is the acrylic-based paint.

2. It is generally advisable to remove the existing paint and start over. We can perform an Aquablast type removal to start again from the concrete. If the paint is in good condition, only faded, a light sanding will allow the new coat of paint to adhere well to the old one.

3. Thorough cleaning is necessary to eliminate any germs (algae, moss, etc.). It is usually done in three steps: high pressure cleaner, cleaning with an all-in-one solution that will degrease and acidify the structure and rinsing the pool to remove deposits left by chemicals.

Achievements that speak
for themselves

Top quality paints

Our pool paints are tough, durable, stain, chemical and abrasion resistant. We use paints that have been proven in the pool paint market for over 50 years.

  • Epoxy-based paint
  • Acrylic-based paint
  • Rubber-based paint

Surface colors

Accents colors

Free estimate without obligation

Let us bring your pool back to life, so you can enjoy it for years to come!

A satisfied clientele

I dealt with real pros while visiting Piscines et Spas POSEIDON. The service was courteous and efficient, we feel that the people who work there really love what they do! Francis Huneault

Impeccable store, courteous, fast and welcoming service. Before going there, we called for advice and we were already charmed. And what about all their accessories and products in inventory!

No pressure, a service focused on our needs. In short, I recommend this company without a doubt. Patrick Chayer

Home of the friendliest. They were professional and have a wonderful showroom. We will definitely go back! Nicole Ouellette

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