For your in-ground pool we can perform a complete range of repairs.  Whether you have a small or big renovation project, we adapt to the situation to give new life to your aquatic facilities.  The work is guaranteed and will last for many years to come.

Piscines et Spas POSEIDON’s technicians are specially trained to perform many types of repairs on in-ground pools with vinyl liners or in concrete.

Call us for an estimate. It’s free!

We excel in the following types of repairs:


Pool liner





Skimmer & jets  |  Main drain  | Water leveling device


Sand filtration system |  Cartridge filtration system |  Salt system  |  Water heater

Pump |  Metering pump |  Automatic System


Pool line  |  Waterfall |  Mechanical room and pipes 


Concrete structure  |  Leaks

Walkways and pool decks

Salt systems |  Diverse parts of the filtration system

Leveling of pool that has been pushed out of the ground or that has had a subsidence



Moving of filtration system to another location  |  Pressure test  |  Leaks detection and localization

Paint removal (Aquablast, Sandblast ou dry sanding)

Painting of concrete pools


Sand change


Lights and lighting systems |  Waterfalls  | Backwash line


Water heater

Repairs and insurance claim submission

You have experienced major damage to your pool or an incident has occured that requires medium to large scale repairs? Piscines et Spas POSEIDON can produce an estimate for your insurance company.  Your home owners insurance is there to help you and pool damage is covered by many policies. 

Once we have given an estimate and your insurance company has sent an adjuster to see if the damage is covered by your policy, we can proceed with the repair.

The following are cases where it could be useful to call your insurance company with regards to damage to your pool:

  • Subsidence of a pool wall
  • Tear in your liner or premature wear
  • Crack in your pool deck or walkway
  • Crack in your pool
  • Pool wall that has moved
  • Fire in the water heater
  • Fire and damage to the filtration system
  • Ground movement that has damaged the pipes and structure of the pool 
  • Pool pushed out of ground due to ground water pressure being too strong 
  • Damage due to an improperly performed pool closure
  • Electrical surge in the pump or water heater 
  • Flood of the filtration system
  • Fallen objects causing damage to the pool
  • Major damage without a direct cause
  • Latent defect of the pool discovered after purchase

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