Pool and spa repair services

No matter the type repair or the mark of your equipment, our certified technicians CPO will find an effective, sustainable and guaranteed solution.


Maintenance made easy

Extend the life expectancy of your swimming pool or your spa and of their components with the intervention of an experienced operator of POSEIDON.

The satisfaction of our service is guaranteed
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Our residential repair services

spa, in ground pool, above ground pool and semi inground pool

Residential pool & spas

You also need maintenance

Maintenance Service

Our experts I’ve seen it all!

Spa, in ground pool, above ground pool and semi inground pool. Pool with vinyl liner, fiberglass or concrete. Our experts are specially trained to repair any installation.

whether it’s for:

  • the replacement of a part or a pump of
  • the application of a filler of protection against the leaks and
  • the sealing of cracks

No repair is POSEIDON proof. We fix your pool steps and pavements of swimming pool or spa.

Commercial pool and spa repair services

Commercial pool & spas

Catch your clientele's attention with safe and in excellent state areas of bathing or rest. Eliminate all the repairs surrounding your installations, whether it is for :

  • a water park
  • a public swimming pool
  • your thermal baths
  • your ornamental ponds
  • Pavements, staircases and spaces of walk
  • the mechanical room and the plumbing
  • the filtration system
Maintenance ServiceRestoration service

The repairs we offer are effective, sustainable and guaranteed. Our technicians, certified CPO, best training in the field of swimming pools and spas on the market, make sure to find the best solution to maintain and lengthen the life expectancy of all your equipment.


Our operators make preventive visits and will be available to fix a problem.They inform you about the condition of every element of your mechanical room, your filtration system and the plumbing of your equipment. They verify and can repair or replace any component or accesorie.


Make sure to keep equipment and functional accessories. We repair or replace pool liners, skimmer and all the types of pumps.


Avoid the risks of wounds of your clientele by eliminating cracks and collapses of your pavements. We reassure, restore, solidify or replace completely your areas of traffic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our repair services!

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