The most efficient
heat pump on the market

Rain or shine, enjoy a heated
pool and spa with THERMEAU®

Generate more heat, at no additional cost

THERMEAU® advantages

As pioneers in commercial pool heaters in Canada, THERMEAU® must offer quality products with the most efficient components.

  • Unequaled energy efficiency;
  • Triple action soundproofing;
  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat;
  • High-performance components;
  • Outstanding reliability and durability in all climates and in all environments;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Minimal and efficient maintenance;

heat pump models for swimming pools and spas

  • P55 - 51 000 BTU
  • P65 - 64 000 BTU
  • P85 - 85 000 BTU
  • P105 - 105 000 BTU
  • P125 - 121 000 BTU
  • P140B - 137 000 BTU

5-year warranty on parts

10-year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger against corrosion

5-year warranty on labor

The THERMEAU® Premium heat pump exceeds
industry standards

THERMEAU® offers high-end heat pumps that exceed industry standards. They showcase the best components available on the market, which ensures unparalleled performance.

  • Enjoy your pool and spa for longer thanks to its innovative de-icing system.
  • Speed ​​up the heating of your pool and spa, while maintaining optimal temperatures at all times.
  • Install a spa or pool almost anywhere.

The Waterco heat pump,
a more affordable and economic heat pump to suit all budgets

The Waterco heat pump allows you
to heat your pool and spa economically 24 hours a day.

Compared to gas and electric heaters, the Waterco heat pump uses only a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. This is because heat pumps only require power to run a compressor and a fan motor, which requires low amperage.

For 1 kW of electricity consumed, it can produce up to 5 kW of heat. Save up to 80% on propane gas, 50% on natural gas and 500% on electric heaters.

The heat pump extracts latent heat from the surrounding air, intensifies it and transfers it to your pool. Waterco heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to heat your pool and extend your swimming season.

Contact us to purchase
your heat pump

Our specialists will be able to recommend the best model of
heat pump according to your needs and your budget.

A satisfied clientele

Quick response, heat pump in stock, reasonable installation time. The installers are really nice and the job is well done. Marie-Claude Michon

Impeccable store, courteous, fast and welcoming service. Before going there, we called for advice and we were already charmed. And what about all their accessories and products in inventory!

No pressure, a service focused on our needs. In short, I recommend this company without a doubt. Patrick Chayer

Great service. Kyle was friendly, professional and helped me find the right parts for my Waterco heat pump. Patrick Lustig

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