We have offered spa maintenance services to our clients for many years.  Our service includes all the elements necessary to maintain clear and safe water to bathe in.  In addition, our service aims to help maximize the efficiency of your jets, pumps, cartridge and water heater.  With one or two visits a week you have total peace of mind with regards to everything about your spa.  It is also possible to have regular visits for maintenance or spa emptying and cleaning.  Our high quality services and products will extend the life span of your spa.  Your days of picking up supplies, performing water quality tests and handling chemicals are over!  Let our qualified team take care of your spa. All you have to do is enjoy it!

The service includes:

  • Water quality tests (Bromine/Lithium, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Phosphate)
  • Addition of properly calculated quantity of chemicals (client’s own or purchased as part of a package)
  • Cleaning of spa with a vacuum
  • Cleaning of the water surface with a net
  • Brushing of the tank
  • Cleaning of ring around the water surface
  • Cleaning of filter cartridge
  • Addition of water
  • Cleaning of the basket if needed
  • Cleaning of cover
  • Test of ground detector
  • General check up of equipment to insure it is in good working order
  • Fine tuning of the spa to increase is life span and its efficiency

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