Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt System
  • Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt System

Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt System


The Saline C® 6.0, NSF-certified salt chlorinator is designed to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine per day. It can respond to the sanitation needs of a medium size pool up to a very large commercial pool. This compact system is comprised of a transparent large wafer chlorine generating cell and a control box.  One single cell is required for this system.  The system is therefore high performance and easy to use.  The design of the Saline C® 6.0 system allows the pool manager to benefit from a salt water pool with a minimum of maintenance and the ability to reduce the consumption of sanitizer by 60%.


To increase the performance of the system, it is necessary to combine the salt system with an automated pH/ORP control system.



  • Can be installed for an outdoor pool of 60 000 gallons or an indoor pool of 90 000 gallons.
  • Compact design with a single chlorine generating cell
  • Commercial grade and easy to inspect with a transparent vessel
  • Reversal of polarities for a clean cell
  • Easy to remove generating wafers
  • Reduce consumption of chemicals by 40 to 60% compared to calcium hypochlorite
  • NSF certified
  • High performance and easy to use

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