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Distancing ourself from the competition with the excellence of our service is not enough. PS Poseidon offers you great services and will make sure everything gets done right, even the small details you might have forgotten about. We have specialists in each of the spheres surrounding the other essential services for spas and swimming pools. Moving, location, electricity, safety, heat pump, lighting, system of energy conservation and automation.

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Our specialized services

spa, in ground pool, above ground pool and semi inground pool


Meticulous Operators will evaluate your needs and safely take care of everything with during the transport and the reinstallation of your pool or spa.


Our experts will come pick up your used spa and you won’t have to raise a finger! We can also re-manufacture your spa at a lower cost, avoiding you a new expensive purchase.

You want to rent a spa for a special occasion?

POSEIDON offers the possibility of renting a spa for one or several days. Spas connect in a standard grip, so everybody can have rent one! All the occasions are good to rent a spa and have a good time iwith your family, friends or with your loved one. Renting a spa allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of a spa at the home without having to pay the big price, nor by sacrificing a part of your backyard.

Restore and extend the life expectancy of your swimming pool or your spa, and their components with the intervention of an experienced operator of POSEIDON.

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