For 13 years, Piscines et Spas POSEIDON has offered a complete “ready to go” service for the closing of your spa in the region of Montreal and the south shore!  In this section you will find our spa closing guide.  This guide has been created by our team of expert technicians.  Here you will find the details of spa closing as well as some useful tips. 

Spa closing service

We offer a complete service for closing your spa and preparing it for winter.  We perform closings for all brands of spa.  We are working with : 

  • Classic spas with 1, 2 or 3 pumps 
  • Swim spas
  • In-ground spas such as Spa Nature or H2zen
  • Indoor spa or spa in a gazebo

Details of Service

  • Disconnection of pipes
  • Storage of motor if needed
  • Blowing out and drying of pipes
  • Addition of winter protection (foam block and cover)
  • Blowing out motor
  • Complete drying of tank
  • Emptying of the spa
  • Storage of the cartridge (cleaning at extra cost)
  • Additional cost for central foam
  • Additional cost for new winter cover

Tips for spa closing

  • Close your spa before the temperature is too cold.  You must avoid closing your spa if the temperature is below 0°C
  • Clean your cartridges during wither and store them until the next season
  • Store outdoor accessories indoors in a place that is easy to access at the beginning of next season
  • Cut power to the spa in the house (main electrical panel)
  • Clear off your spa cover regularly so that snow does not accumulate.  A snow broom is a good tool to use
  • Make sure that the tarp is in place at all times
  • Keep and eye on your spa over the winter and inform your Piscines et Spas POSEIDON specialist of any odd occurrences (for example, you hear noise coming from your spa, ice seems to have formed in the spa, the spa cover seems to have subsided, one side of the tarp has lifted up)
  • Never break ice that has formed on the spa, you could damage the cover
  • Never walk on the spa during winter
  • Store chemicals and water testers in a cool and dry location away from exposure to weather conditions
  • We cannot guarantee the closing if we do not put a block of foam inside the spa and you do not use an opaque tarpaulin that we sell.  Water could enter the spa through the seams of the cover and damage the pipes of the spa
  • Next spring or as soon as the temperature allows, call Piscines et Spas POSEIDON to open your spa

Spa closing service (the details)

Once a service call has been registered with a Piscines et Spas POSEIDON agent, technicians specially trained in spa closing will arrive at your home on the scheduled date.

  • First, we start by flipping the breaker to cut power to the spa
  • Next we remove the spa cover
  • We will empty the spa with our pump which will proceed very quickly.  The water will be emptied directly into the street
  • We will open the spa’s access panel to be able to see the whole filtration system
  • We will take out the spa cartridge
  • We will blow out the pipes connected to the jets of the spa one by one.  We will also blow out the suctions that lead to the pump and the waterfall (if applicable)
  • We will blow out the pump for a complete purge
  • We will blow out the blowers for a complete purge (if applicable)
  • We will blow out the drainage pipe for a complete purge
  • We will completely reassemble the filtration system.  This way the spa is ready to be filled and started up at the beginning of next season
  • We will add a small amount of anti-freeze in each of the suctions as well as in each jet
  • We will completely dry the spa tank
  • We will replace the spa access panel in its original position
  • Finally we will insert a foam block in the bottom of the spa (to help the spa cover resist the weight of the snow during the winter), we will replace the spa cover and install a protective tarp
  • For a small extra cost it is possible to add extra options to your spa closing :
    • Unplug all accessories and jets from the spa
    • Add a chemical that will scrub out the pipes
    • Clean the cartridges – more specifically, we bring your cartridges to our office for a deep cleaning (degreaser and acid) and then bring them back to you when we are done

All this will be performed quickly by professionals who will ensure that your spa stays in good condition year after year.  You are assured of peace of mind during the winter!

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