Durable resurfacing for pools and spas: Aquabright

Aquabright by EcoFinish

Aquabright is an acrylic resin powder developed specially to create a smooth and durable surface. Aquabright is an ecological pool finish. It has a beautiful appearance and is eco-friendly.  It allows you to avoid all the problems related to traditional paints. We are proud to be one of the first companies in Quebec to introduce Aquabright by EcoFinish, a revolutionary high performance product.  Never paint your pool again.  Remove what you have now and replace it with a coating that will last more than 10 years!

To apply this finish, the existing paint must be removed, the surface cleaned, and then the revolutionary product applied.  Multiple coats are necessary for an impeccable final result. 

Aquabright is…  

Durable : Resistant and durable compared to traditional resurfacing products, Aquabright offers a  10 year limited guarantee.

Compatible with your salt water systemThe finish does not react with chlorine or salt generated by a salt water system.  Compared to traditional paint, Aquabright avoids fading, chalking or staining.

Can be applied to many surfaces : Aquabright can be applied to pools and spas made of concrete, fibreglass, metal and pneumatically placed concrete.  

An ultra-resistant product : This finish is resistant to stains, cracks, shock, abrasion and chalking. It is also resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and fading.

Eco-friendly : Compared to traditional resurfacing products, Aquabright contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other toxic products.  

Easy maintenance : Since Aquabright is a smooth and non-porous product, it makes annual or spring-cleaning easier.  

Available in a wide variety of colours: Available in 10 colours, Aquabright application produces a uniform colour over the whole surface of the pool. 

Quick drying: Fill your pool as soon as the technicians are done.  

Anti-slip surface : For no additional cost, with Aquabright you can opt for a non-slip texture for a safer pool experience.

Fewer constraints on application: In order to obtain a good result, traditional resurfacing products need to be applied under precise weather conditions.  With Aquabright, the temperature constraints are less restrictive.  Even though weather conditions vary greatly in Quebec, it is possible to apply Aquabright and get a more than satisfactory result.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this ecological product represents the future in finishes for pools or spas!  

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