Pools and Spas POSEIDON is a proud partner of Transport Pelican who specializes in transporting spas.

Visit their website https://transportpelican.ca or call (514) 229-3112

1027 Pierre Dupuy Street, Longueuil, Quebec J4K 1A1, Canada

For the relocation of your spa, Transport Pelican has the best equipment to face any eventuality.

  • Your spa will be protected with a protective layer covering the equipment to prevent damage.
  • Your belongings around the spa and the surrounding are respected.
  • Moreover, additional protection is included in their cargo insurance.

With Pelican Transport, you will have a spa transportation with modern amenities and a courteous staff. The work can imply moving a spa in a courtyard or moving a spa from one residence to another. For more complex spa transportations, a crane may even be involved in the proccessus.

Other services offered:

  • Relocation and installation of gazebo 
  • Relocation of residential training devices

Here is a demo: