Acrylic Paint DS RAMUC
  • Acrylic Paint DS RAMUC
  • Acrylic Paint DS RAMUC

Acrylic Paint DS RAMUC

  • Multipurpose pool paint

  • Can be applied over any type of pre-existing paint

  • Should not be applied on bare concrete

  • Drying time : 3 days

  • Time between coats : 4 hours

  • 2 coats are recommended

  • One gallon covers approximately 350 square feet

  • Matte finish

  • Respects environmental standards

  • Apply with brush or roller

  • Last from 1 to 2 seasons


  • Allows faster refilling of the pool

  • Resistant to chemicals and UV radiation

  • Uniform matte look over the pool surface

  • Protects the concrete structure

  • Less problematic in terms of temperature and use

  • Washes up with water and soap


Picture# productDescriptionBuy it online
JJ910300Ramuc - Paint AQUAGREEN
3,78L (1 gal)
JJ910303Ramuc - Paint  DARK BLUE
3,78L (1 gal)
JJ910311Ramuc - Paint  WHITE
3,78L (1 gal)
JJ910321Ramuc - Paint  BLACK
3,78L (1 gal)
JJ910328Ramuc - Paint  DAWN BLUE
3,78L (1 gal)
JJ910329Ramuc - Paint  ROYAL BLUE
3,78L (1 gal)


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