Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System
  • Aquarite Pro Salt System

Aquarite Pro Salt System

https://www.psposeidon.com/produits/detail/systeme-au-sel-aquarite-pro/101The salt system is the method of chlorination that requires the least maintenance of all options presently available on the market.  Efficient and easy to use, it is marked by its durability and the possibility of installation on all pool filtration systems.



First, it is necessary to explain the way it operates in order to understand how it acts.  The system is an electronic device that transforms ordinary salt into chlorine.  Salt, the molecule NaCl ((Na) Sodium (Cl) Chloride), is transformed by an electrical current (a process called electrolysis) and liberates chlorine into the water which them kills bacteria and reduces undesirable particles to dust.  To do this, a certain quantity of salt has to be dissolved in the water to be used by the salt system cell for the transformation.  Attached to your filtration system, the salt system keeps your water nice and clear all season long and needs almost no maintenance.

Changing your pool over to salt seems complicated for the novice, but is really quite simple.   The system is split into two parts: the cell (the module that generates chlorine) and the power supply (which converts and controls the currents needed by the cell).  Depending on the system, it will run on 120 or 240V (to see at the time of installation).  The cell is placed between two pieces of pipe, right at the end of your filtration system (see following diagram).  Call our expert technicians to have it installed.


  • Unmatched water clarity and softness
  • No more red eyes, dry skin, allergies and green hair
  • No chlorine odour
  • Weekly maintenance reduced to the most simple form
  • Rapid amortization of cost
  • Peace of mind during long absences
  • Ideal for children and people with sensitive skin
  • Generates chlorine automatically
  • Simple to use
  • Possible to easily adjust level of chlorine desired
  • Considerably reduces handling and storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Superchlorination available at your finger tips
  • Prevent the proliferation of bacteria and algae

The Aquarite Pro salt system by Hayward is the idea salt system for an in-ground residential pool.  This is a second generation salt system by Hayward.  It is efficient and reliable.  It allows adequate chlorine generation with easy usage.  Consequently, this system can be combined with automated pH for a precise management of the chlorine levels in the pool.  The system is fully digital, robust and reliable.



  • Fully digital display and control
  • Salt system with possibility of automation an option
  • Many cells available and compatible
  • Digitally adjustable superchlorination
  • Digitally adjustable chlorination
  • Precise second generation salt system
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • System functions between 2800 and 3200 ppm



  • Can be installed on a small pool or a pool up to 150,000 liters
  • Use a salt system with precise generation
  • All the advantages of a traditional salt system but better equipped and more durable
  • Little maintenance necessary


Available models:


Model #

Maximum Water Volume

Electrical Connection

Flow Sensor


56 000 L

110V/220 V



151 000 L

110V/220 V


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