Dolphin M-600
  • Dolphin M-600
  • Dolphin M-600
  • Dolphin M-600
  • Dolphin M-600

Dolphin M-600

The all-new Maytronics Dolphin M 600 pool cleaner makes it easy to maintain your pool, always clean and ready for your enjoyment, with minimal stress and effort. Recently designed, it offers optimal cleaning performance, convenient handling and simple operation that does not require any intervention on your part.

With continuous connectivity, you have control anytime, anywhere. So, relax and let the M 600 robot work for you.

Dolphin M600 integrates the PowerStream system with multidirectional water outlets for precise control of navigation. In addition, the powerful performance of its dual drive motor ensures optimized movement.

Finally, for superior filtration capacity, additional filter sealing to prevent the return of fine dust into the pool and optional thicker cartridge panels increase the effective filtration area. It only remains to let him work and enjoy the pleasures of a pool always clean.

You can choose from 4 cleaning programs:

Fast: fast cleaning
Standard: standard cleaning of the bottom, walls and water line.
Ultra Clean: Advanced program where the pool is really deep cleaned.
Floor only: cleaning program where only the bottom is cleaned.


The M600 will send a notification itself when the filter basket is full and needs to be cleaned. In addition, the application allows you to have a view of the history of cleaning done. You can also request information through multiple channels.

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