In.clear Salt System by Gecko
  • In.clear Salt System by Gecko

In.clear Salt System by Gecko

The best choice for a spa salt system: easy to use, high performance and economical.  Simple, eco-friendly and efficient, it uses bromine salt (1400-1500 ppm salt).  This system has an integrated salt detector that is easy to use.  Bromine, often overlooked, has the same benefits as chlorine but is better in hot water.  It is colourless, odourless, does not affect the skin in any way, hypoallergenic, disinfects all types of bacteria, and once the initial adjustment is performed, needs no other products to function.  You can therefore travel with peace of mind!  The difference lies in its performance depending on the pH of the spa water.  Bromine is effective over a wide range of pH whereas chlorine is only efficient between the pH of 7.0 to 7.8.  In addition, bromine generated by the cell is in liquid form which does not evaporate, as opposed to chlorine which is in gas form.  Due to being liquid, no odour is produced.  Add to that ease of use and adjustment, the in.clear system gives you the reliability of the best sanitization system on the market.  It is recommended that this system be installed by a professional.  Call for our services and fully enjoy your spa.

Buy only Bromicharge:


  • Works for all spa models
  • Automatic cleaning by inversion of polarity
  • Connected to 240V
  • 1 year warranty
  • Automatic sanitization
  • Possibility to easily adjust the desired intensity level
  • Produces bromine (more effective than chlorine)
  • Displays salt level
  • Shock treatment available with a single button
  • Uses bromine salt
  • Comes with 2 salt cartridges and a stand for cleaning


  • Unmatched water clarity and softness
  • No more red eyes, dry skin, allergies and green hair
  • No chlorine odour
  • No more handling and storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Weekly maintenance reduced to the most simple form
  • Rapid amortization of cost
  • Peace of mind during long absences
  • Ideal for children and people with sensitive skin
  • Ease of use
  • Unequalled water quality
  • Adapts to all kinds of filtration systems
  • Easy adjustment