In.Xm Spa Pack by Gecko
  • In.Xm Spa Pack by Gecko

In.Xm Spa Pack by Gecko



The In.Xm control system by Gecko is a 2nd generation spa pack.  It has evolved to become a product that is weather resistant and offers full control of your spa at your finger tips.  This digital system has many features that make it superior to its competitors. It has a separate water heater and an innovative and high performance management system.  It is robust, compact and slim.  It can be attached to the ground with its mounting brackets.  To install it, the cables attached to the pumps and other accessories must be replaced for new cables that are compatible with this system.  In addition, a new controller will be needed.  It greatest advantage is that it has a sealed electronics board and therefore cannot be affected by the weather.  There is only access to the plug of the terminal board and a few fuses.  This is the ideal replacement system.  It is designed for spas with many accessories (at least 2 pumps, one or 2 speeds).  Because the heating unit is separate it is easier to manipulate and install.  In addition, its heating element made of titanium which makes it even more compatible with salt systems.


Features :

  • Appropriate for spas with two or more pumps, a blower, a circulation pump, an ozonator, a light and a water heater
  • Easy cable insertion system
  • Module and connectors designed to be water tight
  • Specific plug connectors to assure proper connections to the spa
  • No pressure detector technology. Only flow detectors
  • Electrical surge and spa overheating protection
  • Ability to control remotely with In.Touch system
  • Heating unit separate
  • Complicated programs if needed
  • Integrated diagnostic system


Advantages :

  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Ideal replacement for control system with multiple pumps
  • Allows maximum enjoyment of your spa
  • Reliable


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