Natural Stone for Filtration
  • Natural Stone for Filtration
  • Natural Stone for Filtration

Natural Stone for Filtration

https://www.psposeidon.com/produits/detail/pierre-naturelle-de-filtration/93SorelMix is a filtration media that replaces traditional sand in a sand filter.  It replaces 1 to 1 in terms of volume occupied in the filter.  SorelMix is made of abrasive minerals recovered naturally through an extraction and purification procedure.  It contains less than 0.5% free silica.  Being derived from nature, it is therefore an eco-friendly choice of filtration media.



Natural stone has a more efficient and faster filtration capacity.  With a semi-angular form and larger surface area than other filtration media, natural stone is more efficient at capturing particles in suspension.


Natural stone is chemically inert.  The uniformity of the granules is of high quality and is carefully examined at the manufacturing plant.  Its angular form augments its performance in comparison to sand which has a rounded form.  Consequently, due to its compactness, its life span is prolonged. 


  • More efficient than traditional sand in a filter
  • Increases the performance of chlorine due to its higher pH
  • Facilitates and augments the performance of backwash cleaning
  • Long lasting
  • More eco-friendly and safe



  • Granule size : 0.850 to 2.25 mm
  • Granule colour : Dark grey to dark brown
  • Granule shape: Semi-angular
  • Filtration capacity: 15 microns


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