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Paramount’s innovative new water leveler, Paralevel, was designed from a pool builder’s perspective with builders, homeowners and service technicians in mind. No components of this unit were adapted from other industries. Paralevel is continually working behind the scenes to ensure that your pool or spa is at its ideal level. You can rest easy knowing that your pool’s water level is being monitored and adjusted automatically. If you ever need to make a manual adjustment Paralevel’s “Posi-click” adjustment makes it easy. One full turn equals ¼” (6 mm) of water level adjustment. Unlike other water levelers Paralevel offers “Smart Sensing”, which means it will ignore water sloshing in the pool as it only senses the pools true level. “Smart Sensing” also protects Paralevel so it will not cycle on and off rapidly, like other levelers. this limits the potential for premature failure, and eliminates loud water hammer in your home that could lead to damage to your plumbing.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Quick fill capable
  • Overflow line ready
  • Large balance line
  • "Smart-sensing" not affected by water splashing
  • Smaller footprint in your pool deck
  • Easy, accurate "Posi-click" adjustment 
  • Simple to set and use


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