Ramuc high performance rubber paint

Ramuc high performance rubber paint

Type A-2 Rubber

This premium rubber coating is formulated to provide excellent hiding, coverage, and protection. It restores and upgrades previously painted chlorinated rubber and synthetic rubber surfaces. It is VOC Compliant for all 50 states and Canada.

  • High performance rubber pool paint
  • Can only be applied over pre-existing rubber based paint or on bare concrete
  • 2 coats are recommended
  • Drying time: 6 days
  • Time between coats: 24 hours
  • One gallon covers 250 square feet on bare concrete and 350 square feet for the second coat
  • Satin finish for easier cleaning
  • Respects environmental standards
  • Apply with brush or roller
  • Last from 1 to 2 seasons or more depending on maintenance

Colour – High performance rubber

Surface Pain

Accent Colours


  • Resistant to chemicals and UV radiation
  • Better coverage than other rubber paints on the market
  • Uniform glossy finish
  • Protects the concrete structure
  • Best adhesion on pre-existing rubber paint

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