Safety pool cover
  • Safety pool cover
  • Safety pool cover
  • Safety pool cover
  • Safety pool cover

Safety pool cover

Pool and Spa POSEIDON offers you quality safety pool cover by Coverlogix. This special winter cover lets pass water easily but completely block UV rays. Water underneath stays perfectly clean, as lefted before installation. This cover is custom made for each pool size. The attachment of the cover is directly in the concrete of the pool with specilize anchors and springs. The cover is tighten so debris and leaves can easily be blown off on top. His major aspect is that it secures the pool so any adult, child or even animal could walk on it.



Call us to get a quote depending on the size of your pool and the surroundings. Once set up, we come precisely measure the pool and than install the cover.

Characteristics :

  • Custom made
  • Superior quality
  • Anchors and springs made of Stainless Steel fixed in the concrete
  • Installation can be made in standard concrete, pavement or wood
  • Made of light weight products so it can be easily remove in the spring or install in the autumn
  • Brass finition on top for a better look on the pool deck
  • 20 years limited warranty
  • 4 colors available
  • 5x5 attach, located every 5 feet on the deck
  • Weight capacity of 7 oz feet/yard 
  • 7000 MS for residential
  • 9000 MX for commercial

Avantages :

  • Limit at 100% the access to the pool
  • Protects from UV rays at 99%
  • Best winter cover in the market, water underneath stays as it is
  • Can be use for winter protection or long summer abscence
  • Reduce spring opening time and cost
  • Add style to the backyard


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