Sta-Rite SuperMax Variable Speed Pump
  • Sta-Rite SuperMax Variable Speed Pump
  • Sta-Rite SuperMax Variable Speed Pump

Sta-Rite SuperMax Variable Speed Pump

Affordable variable speed SuperMax VS pumps are available for standard pools.  In addition, their great advantage is that they slash energy costs by up to 80%, compared to conventional pool pumps. They come to you from the company that launched variable speed technology years ahead of every other pool pump manufacturer. With premium features like a 24-hour real time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs, they're easy to program and operate. With the SuperMax VS pump, you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy big savings on your utility bill - it's affordable for new and standard pump replacement applications. Efficient and reliable, it is the most recommended variable speed pump.





  • Only variable speed pump on the market today with 115/208-230V and 50/60 Hz single phase capability. Operating nominal voltage range is 110V thru 230V.
  • Ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump.
  • Easy-to-read display and real-time, 24-hour clock - no need to install a separate external unit.
  • Three operating speed settings plus override capability.
  • Direct and superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward® SuperPump®.
  • Energy Star certified
  • Technology of the future
  • Self-priming



  • Economical operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Amortize the cost of purchase in only 2 years
  • Had all the advantages of the SuperMax pump by Pentair


Available Model:


Model #



Electrical Connection



1 ½ HP

1 ½”


Variable Speed

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