CAT 1000
  • CAT 1000

CAT 1000

Piscines et Spas POSEIDON offers a range of products for the automation of your commercial pool or spa.  Automation will permit you to obtain pH and ORP data from the basin.  With this system it is easy to attach a dosing pump to control the pH and a salt system or a liquid chlorine system to control the level of chlorine in the water.  Whatever the fluctuations of water quality in the basin, the system will adjust itself as a consequence.  The CAT system by Hayward is effective and most of all easy to use for the manager of the pool or spa. 

The CAT 1000® automated controller monitors and automatically maintains healthy pH balance, protecting the pool surface and equipment while promoting bather comfort. The CAT 1000 implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand, ensuring precise pH maintenance without overfeeding.

The CAT 1000 pH controller is shipped factory-assembled on a durable PVC backboard complete with flow cell, flow sensor, installation tubing kit, and CAT Professional Series pH sensor. Add a pump/tank combo (for acid feed) or a CAT CO2 system for a complete pH automation solution.


  • The perfect enhancement for salt-chlorine systems
  • Protect your investment
  • Spend more time enjoying your pool instead of making routine pH adjustments

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