Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump
  • Thermeau Thermopump

Thermeau Thermopump



Pool thermopumps are an economical method of heating the pool water.  A thermopump easily costs 4 times less to run than other pool heating systems.  Pool heaters that use natural gas, propane or heating oil must transform the fuel into thermal energy (BTU). The cost of this transformation, as well as being exorbitant, emits greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.  The components used in manufacturing these pool heaters were chosen for their capacity to perform well in the rigors of a Nordic climate.

The Prestige line of Thermeau thermopump water heaters combines efficiency and performance to give you hot water all summer.


Made in Quebec, Thermeau water heaters offer what works better in our special climate.  It allows you to start your summer sooner and close your pool later while giving you the highest coefficient of performance (relationship between the quantity of heat produced and amount of energy consumed) on the market.  Thermeau is a company specialized in conception, design and production of residential and commercial pool heaters.  The infrastructure and technical resources at Thermeau allow them to pursue the development of sustainable solutions in the production of high quality equipment.  All of this is towards a precise goal: responding to the expanding need of the market for renewable energy and alternatives (thermal energy), in the residential, commercial and industrial areas.


Energy efficiency and superior performance at low temperatures

Unlike most thermopumps that are normally designed for cooling purposes, Thermeau water heaters were developed for a northern climate.  They are a point of reference on the market for their excellent performance at low temperatures.  In addition, Thermeau products have a very high coefficient of performance.  This coefficient (COP) is calculated as the ratio between the quantity of heat produced and energy used to produce the heat.  Thermeau water heaters offer a COP 5 times the energy used and works until 7°C (45°F).  Therefore, a COP of 5 means that for each $1 of electricity used, you obtain the equivalent of 5 times the energy paid for as heat in your pool.


Low noise level

Thermeau thermopumps are known on the market for very reduced noise levels.  They maintain a noise level of less than 55 decibels!  Reducing noise level is a constant concern for Thermeau.  They have already developed many innovations that eliminate noise pollution and improve quality of life.  From the acoustic compressor cover, the design of the propellers and the way they are manufactured, these thermopumps assure absolute comfort without annoying noise.


Functional and attractive design

As well as playing a role in noise reduction, the pool heater casing offers many benefits.  It is made of attractive and resistant resin that adds to the appearance of your residence.  The casing does not fade or rust and is very easy to maintain.


Easy installation and maintenance

The design of the pool heater allows for simple and rapid installation as well easy maintenance.  They are designed so that it is easy to access the components. 


Available Models:




Breaker Required


Maximum Water Volume


51 000 BTU

230 V

30 A

1 ½” or 2”

50 000 L


64 000 BTU

230 V

30 A

1 ½” or 2”

65 000 L


85 000 BTU

230 V

30 A

1 ½” or 2”

85 000 L


 105 000 BTU

230 V

40 A

1 ½” or 2”

105 000 L


121 000 BTU

230 V

40 A

1 ½” or 2”

125 000 L


133 000 BTU

230 V

50 A

1 ½” or 2”

140 000 L



  • 5 years parts and labour
  • 10 years on the titanium exchanger against corrosion


Features :

  • Dimensions:  Height : 34” Width : 33”, Depth : 30”
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Cabinet in very resistant resin
  • Drain to chanel condensation
  • Easily removable panel
  • Reverisble hot gas defrost
  • Thermostat with built in self-diagnostic system
  • Triple action sound proofing
  • 54 dB
  • High output ventilation system with 3 fins
  • Best COP in the industry
  • Gas R-410A



  • Extends the bathing season
  • Quebec product
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High quality and high performance components
  • Reliable and unequalled durability
  • Precise electronic thermostat
  • Ultra quiet system: the most silent!
  • Unequalled energy efficiency
  • Heat the pool water at a lower cost
  • Impressive efficiency with respect to its energy consumption
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