Solar Eclipse, combined Ozone Generator and UV

Solar Eclipse, combined Ozone Generator and UV

https://www.psposeidon.com/produits/detail/ozonateur-solar-eclipse-ozone-et-uv-combine/75The Solar Eclipse system by Del Ozone represents the new trend in pool water treatment.  It is the combined power of ozone and UV together in the same system.  Filtered pool water circulates into the unit.  It is first treated with UV radiation and then ozone bubbles do their work.  The disinfection power is multiplied and the pool water comes out sparkling clean and most importantly free of bacteria, algae or microorganisms.   With minimal addition of chlorine to the water, the Solar Eclipse system by Del Ozone does the rest of the job.  There is no need for adjustment; the water will be treated as soon as it will enter the machine.



  • Leading edge pool water sanitization technology
  • Maximize water clarity and disinfection
  • Safe and low operating cost
  • Dramatically reduces the use of chemicals
  • 2 year warranty


Available Models:


Model #

Maximum Water Volume

Electrical Connection

Maximum Water Output

Ozone Generated



190 000 L


80 GPM

1.0 g/h


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