Cleaning jets when closing the spa

05 March 2015

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How to clean the jets when closing the spa?

When you are closing the spa in the fall, it is advisable to clean the spa jets. Some jets in the spa can be removed and others are fixed. We will only deal with the jets we can remove.

Here's how:
First, you will remove the jets from their location by turning counterclockwise. Most jets will be removed this way. Otherwise, check carefully before forcing. Do not force the jets, they are also very fragile and very expensive.

Then soak the jets into a solution of 1/2 hot water and half vinegar. Soak for 48 hours. Then, remove the jets and brush them with a small soft brush.

If there are still deposits, repeat.

Let the jets inside the house and carefully reinstall them in the spring.

Proper maintenance of spa jets closure allow for better durability and performance of them.

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