New spa LED lights that increases security

05 March 2015

The EuroSpaPoolNews websited presentend a new spa LED lights that is in development from EVA Optic that increases the security of the users. The Optic QI model seems very interesting and has a good looking desing. A must see in the future... http://www.euros ...

Maintenance of the Spa Cover

05 March 2015

Maintenance of the spa cover Always keep the cover free of dirt. Clean the surface with a cover cleaner or a soft and warm soapy water. Do not use silicone-based products because they dry up and it could possibly crack the vinyl. BEWARE : Never stand on t ...

Spa Bulb Replacement

05 March 2015

Spa Bulb Replacement - Turn off the power. - Remove the access door to the equipment compartment. - Identify the back of the spa light. - To remove the bulb, turn the housing counter-clockwise and remove the bulb from its socket. - Put a new bulb ...

How the winterize your UV system during your spa closing?

04 October 2011

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR UV SYSTEM DURING YOUR SPA CLOSING?How the winterize your UV system during your spa closing?   When closing your spa or preparing it for the winter, you must be careful to properly winterize all accessories (such as UV water tre ...

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