Concrete In-Ground Pool : White Deposit

05 March 2015

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We also received a relevant question from a customer and we would like to share with you the answer if the problem occurs at your home.

Question :

Hi, I have a salt system that I installed several months ago. However, I noticed that when I walk in my concrete in-ground pool , paint start peeling slightly and ends up under my feet. How come this happens and what should I do to fix it?

Answer :

This phenomenon is common for concrete pools. Concrete pools equipped with a salt system is subject to a chemical exchange between the concrete and salt. In this case, the lime in concrete reacts with the salt. This results in a powder leaving the pool and then staing on our feet when walking in the pool. In addition, if you brush the pool, it becomes cloudy. To remedy the situation, the ultimate way is to empty the pool, brushing the walls and clean the pool with a good treatment with muriatic acid. If you want to address the problem without draining the pool, there is a chemical product that is good enough. This product is the Scale Free from Natural Chemistry. We recommend it for prevention of this phenomenon and in large doses it can remove at least 75% of the powder on the walls and on the bottom of the pool. Consequently, we recommend a salt level around 2800 and a chlorine 1 ppm for concrete pools. All irritating chlorine or salt accentuates the phenomenon.

That's it for the paint going off on a concrete pools! Have a question or need help? Leave a comment or send us an email and we'll help.

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