Draining the Spa

05 March 2015

Draining the Spa

Every three to six months, depending on the condition of the water, it may be necessary to renew the water. To prevent damage to the components of the spa, turn off the breaker before draining the spa. Do not turn it back on before the spa is full. We must observe certain precautions when draining the spa. If it's extremely cold and the spa is outdoors, freezing could occur in the plumbing or equipment. On the other hand, if it is hot, do not let the spa surface exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.


1. Trigger any fault interrupters ground the sub panel, the main electrical panel or unplug the spa.

2. Remove the access door to the equipment compartment.

3. Identify the tip of the nozzle connecting the drain and turn the gate valve of the hose connection in the closed position.

4. Unscrew and remove the drain plug.

5. Attach the drain hose to a garden hose and direct it to an area drain properly, keeping the hose under the water level. Open the gate valve of the pipe fitting to start draining. The drain valve can not remove all the water. It may be necessary to remove a small amount of water by hand, using a towel or a plastic container.

6. After draining the spa, clean the tank and the filter cartridge.

7. After cleaning, remove the hose, close the lid at the tip of the hose connector, replace the drain plug and replace the drain hose in the compartment of the equipment.

8. Fill the spa to the proper level of functioning. Make sure to open all faucets before filling to vent as much air as possible to the plumbing and electrical system during the filling procedure.

9. Apply a voltage by activating the circuit breaker earth leakage dedicated.

10. Press the "Jets" on the control panel from the top to activate the spa. Turn the air control valves up and watch the action increase the jet.


NOTE: Allow the pump to rotate at high speed for 10 minutes. This helps to purge air from water pipes.


While the pump is running, look for leaks at the drain valve, unions or fittings in the compartment of the equipment. If water is leaking from one of these areas, there is no need to call to request service. Just tighten the fittings. If assistance is needed, the dealer or service company may charge fees.


After confirming that the spa does not leak, it's time to set the preferred temperatures and cut the high speed pump.

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