Filter leaking

05 March 2015

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Question :

We rent a house for the summer until the construction of ours and we must deal with a swimming pool. The owner is not quick quick and I have a problem with the pool.

This is an above ground pool 18 feet I think. The problem is that when my filter is in filtration, it leaks through the pipe where the water would come out if I was doing a drain. I do not know why and I have no idea what to do. If you can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

Poseidon Answers

The problem is that the head of the filter is misaligned. To rectify this situation there are 2 choices.
1. Change the filter head (about 165$)
2. Install a valve at the outlet of the filter to prevent water from flowing into the street. We must therefore cut the pipe and install the pipe in series with a 1.5'' valve. (valve around 20$)

We recommend the second option ... cheaper and not very complicated to achieve.

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