How to fix white, cloudy or troubled water

05 March 2015

Here we are in the middle of the season, period where water problems are common. These problems are resilient and fairly hard to get rid of. Nevertheless, here are a couple tips that you may or may not have thought of.

Water chemistry

Starting point for anything related to water problems. Good water quality can remove a probable cause and allows your products to operate at their full potential.


Using clear can be one of the most efficient and cheap solutions out there. If you have a light problem, a bottle of liquid clear may suffice. If you have a big clarity problem, the product named Alum can be your most effective solution.  This powder binds with the particules in the pool and makes them sink to the bottom. The downside is your pool needs to be in complete shutdown for 2 to 4 days and vacuum it all out once the product as done his job.

Vacuuming on waste or drain

Once you see particles on the bottom of the pool, try vacuuming them with your filter on waste or drain (depending on the brand). It will remove those particles from your pool in a matter of minutes. Give particular attention to those fine particles that are volatile, trying going as slow as possible to make sure they don’t leave the bottom of the pool to climb back up in your the pool water.

Choc Treatment

A strong dose of chlorine of approximately 10 times the normal concentration (between 10 and 15 ppm) will remove some particles that are causing the cloudiness. However, the choc treatment is not the best option if you do not see the bottom of your pool.

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