No more foam in the skimmer when closing the pool

05 March 2015

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Is this the end of the foams in the pool skimmer when closing the pool?

An old product of 1930 begins to grow in popularity. The Gizzmo resurfaced to winterize the pool skimmer. In an era of ecological products, consumers prefers green reusable product. This product replaces all parts of the foam used when closing the pool. We screw that plastic cylinder in the pipe connected to the skimmer pump. This product can be used in an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. The usage is simple, Gizzmo prevents water from entering the pipe of the skimmer and compresses during the winter when the water rises in the skimmer. It protects the skimmer against breakage caused by ice.

The foam (polystyrene) is highly polluting and long to break down in nature and often replace it year after year, an ecological solution sold on our boutique.

There are three types of Gizzmo:

1. Gizzmo: conventional plastic cylinder with screw cap 1.5'' npt male, small
2. Super Gizzmo: elongated plastic cylinder with screw cap npt 1.5'' and 2'' wide
3. Ultra Gizzmo: elongated plastic cylinder with screw cap for a  gasket 1.5'' and 2'' NPT, with a large opening at the bottom and a rubber stopper at the top to let out the water when closing pool and to breathe during compression.

For more information on this product : http://www.gizzmo.net/new/flash.html

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