The importance of installing a waterproof cover when closing the spa

05 March 2015

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This is why it is important to install a waterproof cover on the spa cover when closing the spa

If you decide to close the spa it is important to install a canvas on the spa cover. This canvas (winter spa cover) will be 100% waterproof and good quality. If you do not put the winter cover, water can penetrate through the seams of the spa cover, find themselves in the spa and cause damage to the spa's plumbing. Consequently, a good winter cover will increasingly cover the lid and cover the spa skirt. This way, we avoid the discoloration and deterioration of the skirt. In addition, it also helps avoid damage to the spa cover.

The winter spa cover must have at least 33'' (height spa) + 5'' (height of the cover), so 38'' tall at minimum. It will also be important to attach the canvas with a rope.

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