The importance of installing a winter cover during pool closing

05 March 2015

Swimming pool closing

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Here why it is important to install a winter cover when closing the pool

At the closing of the pool, it may be worthwhile to install a web or a net on its pool during the winter pool closing. Here are the different types of fabrics, their advantages and disadvantages:

Winter Canvas (net) : For this type of winter cover, there is a tightly woven mesh net and one with larger openings. The two types of canvas can hold the leaves while letting the water go through. However, the tightly woven mesh can also partially block the solar rays so that it will prevent UV rays from entering the pool. The canvas is protected. The tightly woven fabric is really the best choice because it will be very easy to remove after the winter. It's on sale on Poseidon's boutique. This type of fabric is good for inground pool painting, concrete and fiberglass pools.

Winter Opaque Cloth : This cover must be molded to the shape of the pool. Water accumulates on the canvas so there will be no water going into the pool. The water will stay great in the pool because it is not subject to UV rays that increase the growth of algae. In addition, the fabric remains protected. However, come spring it will completely drain the water on the canvas surface debris. The cover is very difficult to remove and requires a lot of effort. In addition to the above-ground pool, it creates a lot of pressure on the walls. It is not recommended for above-ground swimming pool or semi-inground swimming pool.

Super strong mesh fabric : This fabric is often sold under the name of Loop Loc (http://www.looploc.com/). It is a new product that is gaining popularity. This woven fabric is tight and designed for pools. It allows water to pass and cuts UV rays. In addition, it is completely safe and we could even walk on it. If someone ventures on the web, everything will remain in place and there will be no risk of falling. This product is expensive, but it really is the best cover for winter.

It is recommended to remove the winter cover before winter. However, if the fabric is not stretched, it may be left in place during the winter.

In sum, a winter cover allow your pool to be protected from UV rays and will prevent debris from going in the at the same time.

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