Metric Equivalent

05 March 2015

Metric Equivalent for pools and spas

Feet in Meter | Meter in Feet

1 feet

0,3048 meter

Yard in Meter | Meter in Yard

1 yard

0,9144 meter

Square feet in Square meter | Square meter in Square feet

1 square feet

0,0929 square meter

Yard feet in Square meter | Square meter in Yard feet

1 yard feet

0,836 square meter

Gallon in liters and oz | Liters and oz. in Gallon

1 gallon

3,786 liters; 128 oz. fl.

Liquid ounce in ml | Ml in liquid once

1 liquid ounce

29,57 ml

Pint in ml | Ml in pint

1 pint

473,12 ml; 16 oz. fl.

Quarter in ml | Ml in quarter

1 quarter

945 ml; 1/4 gallon

Once in grams | Grams in once

1 once

28,35 grams

Pound in grams | Grams in pound

1 pound

453,59 grams; 16 oz

Gallon in liters | Liters in gallon

1 gallon

4,54 liters

Meter in inches/feets/yards | Inches/feets/yards in Meter

1 meter

39,37 inches; 3,2808 feets; 1,0936 yards

Square meter in Gallons | Gallons in Square meter

1 square meter

264,13 gallons

Liter in gallon | Gallon in Liter

1 liter

0,26413 gallon

Square feet of water in Gallons | Gallons in Square feet of watre

1 square feet water

7,48 gallons

Square feet of water in pounds | Pounds in square feet of water

1 square feet water

62,4 pounds

Gallon of water in pounds | Pounds in gallon of water

1 gallon of water

8,33 pounds

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